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Santorini Boat Tours

Boat ToursSantorini Boat tours: While on a traditional wooden boat or on a modern ferry boat , you can now experience the pictures you've been looking at for hours in your friends' album “Santorini, summer 200..”

Visit the famous volcano and learn all about nature's strength that created and then destroyed Santorini many times all over the past. Still not convinced? Just jump off the boat and swim at the Hot Springs of the Volcano! Either in summer or winter, they keep the same temperature: 35oC (95F) or even higher! Visit the picturesque little island of Thirassia, have your lunch down at the fishermen' port or explore that beautiful island driving your own vehicle!
No time for day time tours? Then, why not pick up a sunset one? Aboard a sailboat of the 18th century, enjoy the famous sunset, while dinner is being prepared for you and the band plays live jazz tunes tonight...

Book online and...just get ready to feed up your flickr profile with some really good pictures afterwards!!

Santorini Bus Tours

Bus ToursSantorini Bus tours: Santorini is not only the Caldera ! It's also about an ancient vineyard set on a green landscape, countless chapels, built in remote locations, old mansions and wineries, where men still produce excellent wines and keep the tradition alive. It's about black long beaches, where the sand is getting really hot under the Mediterranean sun and fishermen sell their catch next to the swimmers. Santorini is a destination full of amazing antiquities witnessing that this was the place where a extremely advanced civilazation lived...
...these and many more hot spots you can explore with the bus tours we recommend. Our experienced guides will make your journey fascinating and tell you a lot about the history and the traditions of Santorini.

The bus climbs the highest point of the island, where the you can adiore the panoramic view. This mountain is not just a rock... that's the only one existed before the first explosions...

Santorini Private Tours

Santorini Private ToursPrivate tours in Santorini! For those who want to enjoy private moments sailing the caldera islands on a luxurious vessel or traveling by a private mini-van around the villages! Tailor made trips offer safety, comfort and privacy and can be adjusted to your own special requirements!

Choose among traditional wooden boats, motor yachts, sailboats, catamarans or bus, mini-van and V.I.P. cars to experience the hot spots of Santorini!

Santorini activities and special interest tours

Santorini Activities and Special Interest ToursWine tours, hiking tours, diving excursions, religious tours, archaeological tours. Fully customized services with professional guides and escorts. Special rates for group reservations.

Santorini Cooking Classes

Santorini cooking class
MySantorini.com presents Santorini cooking classes. These are new series of classes which are going to showcase the cuisine of Santorini and various cooking methods along with famous desserts.

Santorini Fishing Tour

Santorini fishing tour
Fishing trips in the Caldera of Santorini. Are you a maniac fisher or you just love fishing, but you’ve never tried? On a 12 meters boat, we provide all the equipment along with an experienced fisherman.

Santorini Stand Up Paddle

Santorini stand up paddle
Have the chance to admire the south coast of the island whilst trying to balance on your SUP. Miles : 4 - 6.5 (depends on the experience of the guests)

Santorini Wine Tasting

Santorini wine tasting
10 meters under the blooming garden of Pelican Kipos wine-Restaurant, we enter the 400-years old cave to discover a cellar with more than 480 different labels of wines from Santorini –Greece and from all around the world .